If you are planning a big party, here are some party planning tips to make sure everything is for your extravagant party.

  • When to start? – If it’s a small casual gathering you may get away with preparing your checklist just two weeks ahead, but if it’s a larger formal party you will need to start 4 to 6 weeks before the party. This means selecting the venue, the party theme and setting the date. These decided, everything else can fall into place.


  • Determine your guest list – This is important as you don’t want to forget close friends or family members that should be included. Make sure you have everyone’s address (or if you send invitations by email if the party’s not real formal) you’ll need email addresses.


  • Plan your menu – Since food is often the main attraction, be sure that you don’t leave this to chance. Whether you hire a caterer or plan to prepare the food yourself menu planning requires your careful attention. When the food is great everyone will have a good time. Therefore, make this a No. 1 priority in your party planning. Regardless of budget, there are many delicious menu choices that will keep your guests coming back for more.


  • Shop for party supplies – Make sure you have written down everything you need. Now’s a good time to buy matches, décor, candles, liquor, and other imperishable stuff. Don’t forget to plan to do the decorating. If you are renting a facility you may need to arrange for help and schedule the decorating with the facility. Find out when it can be done. Also, start shopping for your decorations and supplies.


  • When the day of the party finally come, put the final touches for the all the decorations and dishes you have prepared. Fifteen minutes before your party begins, light the candles, turn on the music, open the wine and set out the appetizers.


Now relax and have fun! You want to set the tone of the party by being a relaxed perfect host, not the chef buried in the kitchen. So, plan so everything is ready ahead of time, and have enough help for serving the food. Then you can circulate among the guests and make them feel welcome. When they see you are relaxed, they will relax, and all will enjoy themselves, including you.

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