Everyone loves a party. But what gives a party more life are the decorations, nothing says ‘party’ like the decor strung about for the occasion. Here are some great ideas for your next party decorations.

  • Balloons. These inexpensive, light objects can be manipulated and purchased in different colors and sizes to fit any party theme. Hang or pin balloons up on the wall using double-sided sticky tape. Many party ideas generally include balloons since they are easy to use. Even twisting and manipulating long balloons can create fun characters to decorate with.


  • Ribbons are another way to dress up a party. Crimped, tissue paper ribbon is known as ‘streamers’ work well when twisted with another color at the center then hung at different corners of the ceiling. The ribbons are long enough to even make a decorative centerpiece.


  • PiƱatas, generally a child’s item, can also liven up a party. They can be filled with candy, small prizes, and gift cards then strung up over a branch or lever to be busted open for enjoyment.


  • Candles can also serve as party decorations. More often, candles are used for adult or maturely themed parties. Avoiding candles around children’s parties is a good way to prevent a possible fire.


  • Costumes are not only reserved for Halloween, but they can also be utilized to enhance the theme of the party any time of the year. A 70’s party may consist of groups of friends dressing in that style era. Even a child’s party can implement costumes as a suggestion for the party. This can be enticing especially if there will be prizes handed out to the best costumes.


  • Music, while not an actual tangible decor, most certainly will liven up any party. Based on what your theme is, even children’s parties, theme-oriented music can enhance the feel of the party. Integrating a dance or dance contest with the music will attract more participants.


  • Tableware is a party decor some people do overlook. While it is fine to use generic table wear, decorative plates, napkins, and silverware can enhance complete the look of your party. Having fine china present for a formal party works well; however, for a livelier party or child’s party, decorative plates and napkins work better.

With the great ideas for party decorations above, your party will certainly kick off with the excitement you hope to achieve for a wonderful event.

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